Taxi Diary…2.0 April 2015 (Stockholm, Sweden)

crazed driver




By K. Dana Maxey

The heavens are so extraordinarily dark. dark nite


It creates the foundation, for futuristic reminiscing.


Snow, sleet, and rain bombard the Arlanda  Airport’s “Taxi Stockholm” kiosk with the masculinity of the siege of Stalingrad.stalingrad


The driver puts the luggage into the trunk.  The cold and wet man hurriedly enters the back seat of the taxicab.trunk_2


I’ve been flying for over twenty hours, declares the traveler. The gentleman over there said that it would cost me five hundred krona, is that correct?stock_money



It depends.



Well, why…what’s your name?  Victor.  Because, he isn’t driving this taxi in the middle of a very bad storm.  Detours might be required in Stockholm.  Where is it you want to go?


The Hotel Skeppsholmen.hotel-skeppsholmen-aerial-view-building

Skeppsholmen?   Yah, Skeppsholmen, Victor.

The traveler’s tone sounds so strongly familiar.  Are you from America?

What?  The United States?  Of course I am.

Oh, where?

Dallas, Texas!dallas

What is the address of the hotel?

The what?

The driver turns on the light inside the taxi, casting shadows throughout its interior.

dependsVictor speaks with a tone of diplomatic discretion, The address?  I don’t know the address.  It’s The Hotel Skeppsholmen on the island of Skeppsholmen.  The museum island.  Why don’t you look it up on your GPS?




That’s a very good suggestion.   Victor switches off the light and turns on the meter.  driverHow long will it take us to get there.  Forty-five minutes, if we’re lucky.  Do you want any heat?  Please.

The traveler bundles himself as well as he can, and stares out the side window.  The headlights of the vehicles on the highway light the surrounding area as if one is seated in the center of a cyclorama.

lit up

Snow, sleet, rain. The infinitesimal visual imprints of yellow jacketed road crews, working on the highway. where is sweden

Rain, sleet, snow.  The languid sounds of Sibelius (or is it Nielsen), emanate out of Victor’s radio.  sounds




The man from Dallas, has gently fallen asleep.  And Victor thinks about his wife and kids, and how they had died in Iraqi.

wife kids




The traveler sits bolt-upright. Why have we stopped?  We’re lost.  I can’t believe what you just said!  Is the meter running?  Of course not.  I bet.  What about the GPS?  The GPS doesn’t work, and neither does the radio?


Just like in the movies?

taxi driver movie

Yah, Tex, too bad John Wayne’s not here.


John Wayne is not a Texan!  Good God you’re stupid.   The man from Dallas steps gingerly out of the taxi.  The sky is clear.  Stars are out and the view of the water and buildings is beautiful. serenity

Do you mind?  Victor stands next to him.

Where are we right now?  Slussen.  How do you know that it’s Slussen?  I see the Katarinahissen.  Exactly.  And the Kararinahissen is?  Near Slussen.  And Slussen is on the island of?  Sodermalm.  That’s why I stopped the taxi.  I’m sure it is.  Now, watch where I’m pointing.  Are you watching?  Yes.  See that white ship? afChapman1-610x311 I see it.  That ship is named the af Chapman. Behind the ship are trees and buildings.  Correct?  Correct.  Those trees and buildings are on the museum island, the island of Skeppsholmen.

Can I please have my luggage.  I’ll walk to the hotel. Here’s five dollars.  Thanks for the waste of time.  5 bucks


It starts to rain.rain



Victor takes out the luggage, and places it at the Texan’s feet.

im gone

He slowly tears up the currency, and sprinkles it on the man’s shoes.  I’m calling up your company in the morning.  You’re going to regret this, Victor.  Victor Amad Marrish.

RajaA Muslim, I should have known.

You know nothing.  What?  Except the arrogance, self-delusional conceit, and xenophobia of your peers.  Now, just hold on here. . ..  I was a translator for your army of conquest.  Seeking in vain for   weapons of mass destruction, in my home land of Iraq.


You Muslims weren’t going to help us out. I’m a Christian, just like you.  christianI bet.  My wife, son, and daughter were murdered  by Islamists.

That has nothing to do with tonight!  Time will tell.   Victor gets back into the car, and starts up the engine.driver _4

Don’t you think that you better take me to the hotel?  No!  God natt.

Just where the hell are you going?

Jag Kommer Hem.  nigga im going home





The cab makes a U-turn and slowly moves away.heading home





jb…signing off 10.13.2015/10:57 a.m.